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Soacra cu trei nurori de Ion creanga- povestire in limba engleza

The mother-in-law with three daughters-in-law
Once upon a time there was an old woman who had three sons, she was planning to keep them closer to her, thinking of her sons’ future.
Thus she built two more houses on the left and right of the old house ,deciding that the sons and the dawghters-in-law to live together and after her death to gain the possession of the belongings.
She was happy that her daughters-in-law were going to do her job.
Her big son’s wedding moment has come ,with a less beautiful but hardworking woman.
After the wedding her sons went to work, and the dawghter-in-law stood with the old woman.
She warns her that she has an eye on the back and she sees what the daughter does in the house .
When the night comes ,the old woman is going to sleep with the face to the wall ,and the daughter began to do the mother-in-law’s work .
The second son’s wedding has come and the old woman does the same thing: she finds him an older and hardworking wife. After the wedding her sons went to work and the girls stood with the mother-in-law. And again the old woman told them to work day and night warning them again of her back eye.
For the young son she didn’t search a wife because he brought one .His mother couldn’t do anything so the wedding started.Then, after the leaving of her sons ,the three daughters-in-law had to accomplish the old woman’s demands .But the young girl didn’t agree .The back eye didn’t scare her so she went to prepare a rich meal and she brought some wine too.
When the old woman saw them ,the young daughter-in-law explains her that her parents were there while she was sleeping ,but they left annoyed ,knowing that she sees everything with the back eye.
The girls were planning to get rid of the old woman and the young dawghter-in-law taught them how to do it.
They all went into the house and started to wipe the floor with her, and hitting her head by the walls.
When her sons came home ,the daughters started to whine about their mother. When the old woman saw her sons she pointed to the old daughter-in-law ,to the sunrise ; to the middle-aged daughter ,to the sunset and to the young daughter to the middle of the house.
The young girl explained the sons that their mother was sharing the houses to them : the house in the sunrise to the old son , the house in the sunset to the middle-aged son and the old house to the young son.
The old woman died and she was mourned by the three daughters-in-law and the whole village was wondering how happy was she with those three daughters-in-law.

Vlad Costin
Clasa a VII-a B
Scoala nr. 1- 1 Decembrie, Ilfov

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